Former Mexican President Doubles Down On Trump: 'I'm Not Paying For That F**king Wall'

Vicente Fox isn't mincing his words.

Vicente Fox made his feelings about President Donald Trump’s proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall crystal clear, once again.

Mexico’s former president doubled down on previous statements that his country would not foot the bill for Trump’s southern barrier on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Opposition With Jordan Klepper.”

“I said, I’m not paying for that fucking wall,” said Fox.

He later revealed how the spirit of his dead grandfather partly inspired him to take on Trump, and described the U.S. president as a “mediocre businessman.”

“When you move from business and private sector into politics, you have to go through a process,” said Fox. “This guy doesn’t have any idea of the difference between running a nation and running a business.”

Check out the full interview above.

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