Former Mexican President Burns 'Total Fraud' Trump By Rewriting One Of His Tweets

Vicente Fox escalates his social media war with Trump.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox fired a new salvo in his social media war with President Donald Trump on Monday.

This time, Fox rewrote Trump’s tweet from earlier in the day, the one announcing that former FBI agent Peter Strzok had been fired:

In Fox’s version, someone else gets fired:

Fox has been a steady critic of the president for two years now, slamming Trump’s call for a wall across the southern border and other anti-Mexican rhetoric. At one point during the 2016 presidential campaign, Fox vowed that Mexico was “not going to pay for that fucking wall.”

Trump demanded an apology. Fox obliged, and Trump accepted, calling the apology “very nice.” But the detente didn’t last, and Fox stepped up the rhetoric after the election.

At one point, Fox announced a mock campaign to run against Trump in 2020. Earlier this year, he also warned the president to “get your shit together.”

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