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Vicious Liberals Disgrace America - With Shameless Media Support

Vicious Liberals Disgrace America - With Shameless Media Support
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How long will this sickness be allowed to continue? These liberals say the most vicious, slanderous things - and they're still all over our TV, radios, and newspapers. It's a disgrace. Sure, I agree with their politics, but above all I'm a good American and a decent human being. So it's my moral duty to repudiate them - especially because I agree with them.

And, I'm mean, we're not talking about some obscure professors here. We're talking about major media figures who dominate the airwaves. Their opinions, and their bile, are pretty much all you're gonna hear these days.

I mean, remember when one of 'em posed with a brick and said it should be used to "smash conservatives in the face?" Pretty rough stuff - yet we still saw him on the airwaves and in print all the time after that, as if nothing had happened.

And remember when those two leading liberal spokesmen applauded Al Qaeda's "brilliant victory" against the "imperialist US," and said we "had it coming" for our "capitalism, greed, and lack of collectivism"?

You still see that pair all the time. In fact, they're treated as if they were moral leaders of some sort.

Do you recall when that liberal pundit snarlingly suggested new targets for Al-Zarqawi to bomb, like a superchurch, a megamall, Halliburton headquarters - or the whole state of Texas? "Burn 'em," he said. "They deserve it."

He's got his own show now.

Remember that one who said that rape was "a hoot," and that "all we need is a few more John Hinkleys to straighten this country out"?

You can hear him on the radio every day.

And then, you know that time some Hollywood lefty said that Charlie Manson "had the right idea, he just should've gone to Crawford instead of hanging around my town?"

You can see his books displayed in every Barnes & Noble and Borders in America.

Another guy said the U.S. Constitution's "nothing but a rag," that the Irish and Italians are "dirty" and "greasy," and that Jews were "dirtbags" who should "get the hell out of our country" or be forcibly converted to Islam - that is, after we kill their rabbis.

CNN gave him his own show.

And that's not all.

They laughed - laughed! - at the widowed spouses of our heroic soldiers, when some of these bereaved souls defended our Iraq policy. They sneeringly called them "grief junkies" who "laughed when their husbands died" because they "knew they'd have a government paycheck for life." They said that "America is an atheist country by law," and that "if you don't like it you Christies can all go back to Nazareth or wherever it is your cult comes from."

Still, other liberals said nothing and the media continued to feature them.

These creeps said that Bush and Cheney should be assassinated, and that we should be converted en masse to Communism - after being "bombed into the stone age" so we can't continue our "reign of evil." They applauded when Dutch rightists trampled a Torah in the dirt, and laughed when a statue of Christ and the Virgin Mary was shattered by sledgehammers. "Remember the Inquisition and the Crusades?" they said. "It's payback time."

Yet there they are on your TV every night, being interviewed as if they were legitimate political commentators. They join in panel discussions as if they brought a reasonable perspective to the dialog. Other liberals don't condemn them. Democratic politicians appear on their radio shows. And the corporate media gives them exposure night after night after night.

Why is this allowed to go on? What kind of a sick country are we living in? At long last, have we no decency?


Oh, wait, they're not liberals, they're conservatives. Sorry. I got mixed up for a second.

In my confusion, it seems that I've slightly paraphrased some conservative quotes so that they fit the liberal perspective instead. Oops.

But never mind. The same principles apply either way ...


.... umm.... don't they?


UPDATES: When I saw this Raw Story headline - Senator on Coulter: Disgust, vulgarity - a funny thing happened: I found myself hoping against hope that it was a conservative Republican who'd finally found their sense of decency and shame.

It wasn't.

And to the commenters who felt I should've used the literal quotes, or footnoted each one with its conservative original, I say: C'mon. Think of it as a challenge. Use sites like Media Matters or plain old Google and find the answers yourselves!

Or make it a fun game, the way everybody did in 1970 when they tried to figure out what the words to "American Pie" meant. You remember? "The day the music died ..."

Perhaps at some point I'll be able to annotate this, like Billy Joel did when he put out a "teacher's edition" of "We Didn't Start The Fire" (which, by the way, was the actual "day the music died ...")

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