Texas Woman Found Half-Naked With Sex Toys And Loaded Gun In Naperville Motel Parking Lot

Once in a while, every parent needs to get away from the kids and have a little alone time.

That's exactly what Vicki Myers, a 44-year-old Texas woman, was looking for last Friday night, as she left her three kids in her room at a Naperville, Illinois Red Roof Inn and headed out to her van in the parking lot.

When police officers shined a light into the van window, they found Myers in quite a compromised position: naked from the waist up, with a loaded pistol and a handful of sex toys in the van with her.

"She originally told officers she was changing," Naperville police Sgt. Gregg Bell said, but later changed her story to say that she went into the van to pleasure herself. "She had some sexual devices in the van."

She wasn't charged with leaving her children alone in the room, because they were old enough to be alone legally, Bell told the Sun-Times. But Myers faces gun charges for not having a valid registration card; she told police she thought it was legal to have the gun in her van, as it is in Texas.

Oddly enough, this isn't the only sex toy-related crime to come out of the suburbs in recent days. Earlier this month, a Gurnee woman was approached by police over a drunken dine-and-dash. She told officers she had money at home, only to go into her bedroom, come out with a "rigid feminine pleasure device," and try to attack a policeman with it.

At least Myers can say she wasn't using her feminine pleasure devices for anything but their intended purpose.