The Weird $10 Drug Store Find That Gets Me Through Cold And Flu Season

Being sick is the worst, but this inhaler from Vicks has me breathing a little easier.

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I found the perfect replacement for goopy VapoRub that works for colds on-the-go.
I found the perfect replacement for goopy VapoRub that works for colds on-the-go.

This time of year, cold and flu season is in full swing. You’re probably hearing coughs, sneezes and sniffles on your commute, at work, or when you’re out with friends.

I’m only beginning to get over my first (and hopefully last) cold of the season. And while my voice doesn’t sound exactly the same yet and my nose is still running and flaky from all the tissues I’ve been using, this cold has been made a bit easier thanks to what two generations of my family have relied on at the first hint of a cold for years: good ol’ Vicks VapoRub.

The Los Angeles Times even did a deep dive into Latinos’ love for Vivaporu that my abuela and mom would definitely appreciate. But they might shutter when I say this: VapoRub is super goopy and not necessarily the nicest smelling thing to slather all over when you’re heading to work.

Instead, for this cold, I found the perfect replacement for your standard goopy VapoRub, but that fits into my pocket and gives me the vapors to breathe when I’m especially stuffy: Vicks VapoInhaler.

All hail this Vicks find.
All hail this Vicks find.

I bought a value pack version that has two sticks at Target for $10, so that if I lose one in the mess of my backpack, I have a backup. The pack of two is the same price at Amazon, too.

The inhaler has the Vicks vapors that you just breathe in —so there’s none of the mess of VapoRub. Whenever I’m feeling especially stuffy at work, I take a whiff of the inhaler and can breathe easier. I momentarily forget that I’m sick because I’m not focused on how stuffy I feel, and that’s really the best part.

At both Target and Amazon, this value pack only ships with orders that are over $25, so you might consider shopping for some of your own cold staples, too, for the months ahead.

Now all I really need is a couple of nights of some much-needed sleep, and maybe this Vicks VapoShower that releases stuffy-nose-clearing vapors as you shower.