'Vicky And Lysander,' YouTube Series, Returning For Second Season

"Vicky and Lysander" is an Internet sketch series that originated as a three-month, sold-out performance in New York’s Lower East Side. Written by and starring Shannon Walker and Damon Cardasis, the series follows the hilarious experiences of a deluded Manhattan couple (Vicky and Lysander) as they attempt to climb the Big Apple's social ladder.

The show's first season premiered on LOGO online and is now available on YouTube, where Walker and Cardasis will host the series' second season.

"We're proud of the show that we've created because we feel it is unique, not only character wise, but format wise," Cardasis told The Huffington Post. "Most five-to-seven minute long videos on YouTube are sketches. I haven't seen too many that actually have an arch to the season, so we are happy to be doing that. That makes marketing it a bit different as you need to have seen a prior episode to understand what exactly is going in. It's not just a 'moment in time.' We're a group of friends who enjoy working together and creating material that people will hopefully find funny and help pass the time at whatever job they have."

The first episode of the second season of "Vicky and Lysander" is slated to premiere on the show's YouTube channel on Wednesday, Feb 18. In the meantime, check out the trailer above!



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