Vicky Lowing Lives With 3 Pet Crocodiles (VIDEO)

WATCH: Woman Lives With 3 Crocodiles

Vicky Lowing has three pet crocodiles that bathe in the tub and enjoy sitting in the front seat on car rides.

Animal Planet follows Lowing as she shows off her life with these normally feared creatures. Perhaps there's a reason they are feared -- one crocodile bites Vicky's hand as she puts him in the tub... despite the fact that she repeatedly warned the creature, "Don't bite Mommy; Don't bite Mommy." When Lowing's hand starts to bleed, she calls for her own mother to fetch her a Band-Aid.

The bizarre story continues, as Lowing explains her in-depth conversations with the crocodiles. But while her crocodiles are oddly pampered, would they be better off in the wild?

In some situations, maybe not. A man named Chito rescued a crocodile after finding him on the side of the road with a gunshot wound to the eye. Although Chito tried to release the crocodile, it followed him back home, and it now acts as Chito's pet.

But not all stories are as bright as Chito's. Beyond the dangers of owning an exotic animal, many activists believe it is wrong to keep a wild animal in captivity. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland recently ordered a ban on aquiring specific wild animals as pets.

According to The Humane Society's Wayne Pacelle, when keeping an exotic pet, "There's almost always a bad outcome, especially for the animals, who either languish in cages or on chains, often with their teeth or claws removed in an effort to make them less dangerous, or are relinquished to someone else or released illegally into the wild. Animal sanctuaries... spend millions a year cleaning up the messes of the people who make the impulsive and irrational decisions to acquire a dangerous wild animal as a pet."

Animal Planet will air "Fatal Attractions: My Pet Crocodile" on March 11 at 9pm E/P.

WATCH these bizarre pet crocodiles:

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