5 Victims Identified In Illinois Factory Mass Shooting

One of the victims, 21-year-old Trevor Wehner, was starting his first day as an intern at the company.

The five victims killed during a mass shooting at an Illinois factory have been identified.

Gunman Gary Martin, an employee of 15 years at Henry Pratt Co., stormed the warehouse in Aurora Friday afternoon with a Smith & Wesson handgun and began firing. Martin killed five employees and wounded five officers who responded to the shooting. Martin was killed during an exchange of gunfire with police.

In a statement released Saturday, the Aurora Illinois Police Department identified the victims killed:

Trevor Wehner, 21, was a human resources intern and a student at Northern Illinois University. It was his first day at the job, according to WGN News. 

Russell Beyer was a mold operator at the company.

Vincente Juarez was a stock room attendant and forklift operator at the warehouse.

Clayton Parks was a human resources manager. His wife, Abby Parks, said she is living in a “terrible dream” following his death.

“My husband, my love, my best friend, and the incredible father of our sweet son was taken from us yesterday in the shooting in Aurora, and I am devastated,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

Josh Pinkard was a plant manager at the company. He was a father and husband, reported WVTM13. He had recently moved from his home state of Alabama to Illinois for the job, according to a social media post from a user identified as his cousin.

Police said another male employee was injured and treated for gunshot wounds that were not life-threatening.

The five officers wounded in the shooting are all recovering, police said. 

Though authorities are still searching for a motive, they said 45-year-old Martin had lost his job at the company the same day he opened fire. Martin had six prior arrests but was able to obtain a gun in 2014. His application for a concealed carry permit was denied when his felony charges, including domestic violence, were discovered.

A GoFundMe has been set up by the city of Aurora to support the families of those who died.