Victims Share Memories Of Catholic Church Sex Abuse In Moving Video

Their experiences are gut-wrenching, but need to be heard.

The Best Picture victory for "Spotlight" at the Oscars pushed the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal further into the public consciousness.

A new BuzzFeed video intends to keep it there. "I Was Sexually Abused By The Catholic Church" features two victims recounting their horrific experiences as youths.

What the two have to say will likely make you feel uncomfortable and angry but they, like so many before them, need to be heard.

While "Spotlight" focused on Boston's problem, the subjects in the clip live in Southern California.

Manuel Vega, who alleges he was molested by a priest into his teens, has called for congressional hearings into his case and others, according to CNN. The priest he and others accused fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.

Joelle Casteix was awarded a $1.6 million settlement when documents confirmed she had been molested by a choir director at Mater Dei High School in the 1980s -- with the Catholic school's knowledge, the Orange County Register reported.

"By the time the abuse ended, I was 17 and I was pregnant and I had a sexually transmitted disease," she says in the wrenching clip above.