Relative Of Mining Disaster Victims Breaks Down After Coal Boss Is Sentenced

Tommy Davis lost three of his family members to the Upper Big Branch mining explosion.

EMOTIONAL REACTION: Tommy Davis lost three loved ones in the UBB mine disaster and was very emotional outside the federal courthouse in Charleston after Don Blankenship was sentenced to one year in prison Wednesday.See more here --> http://bit.ly/1REhSMs

Posted by WCHS & WVAH TV on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tommy Davis couldn't find any happiness in former energy CEO Don Blankenship's sentencing.

Blankenship was slapped with a year in jail on Wednesday over the Upper Big Branch Mine explosion that killed 29 people in West Virginia in 2010, but Davis didn't feel any better. He'd lost a brother, a son and a nephew in a disaster that could have been prevented.

Davis gave a heart-wrenching speech in front of reporters after the sentencing hearing.

"This man has no remorse at all," he said of Blankenship, whom a federal judge penalized for conspiring to ignore safety protocol to produce more coal.

"He knows he could have done the right thing," Davis said. "All he had to do was make one of those 40 phone calls he made per day and check on production, and say 'shut it down.' He could have fixed everything, but he refused to do it."

Watch Davis' speech above, and read more about how mining companies trade safety for profit.