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Johnny Weir's Estranged Husband Victor Voronov Breaks Silence On Divorce

Johnny Weir's estranged husband Victor Voronov is set to break his silence on the couple's increasingly shaky divorce battle.

In a new interview with Inside Edition set to air April 28, Voronov says he feels "betrayed, heartbroken [and] shocked" after officially separating from Weir last month.

“I was blinded by fear," he tells Inside Edition's Diane McInerney. Though he calls Weir's behavior "unforgivable" and "morally irrepressible," he adds, "That doesn’t take away from the fact that I love him.”

It's the first time Voronov has spoken publicly since Weir broke news of the divorce on Twitter. In recent weeks, Weir has dismissed reports from a number of media outlets which claimed that the couple were planning to reconcile.

Last month, Voronov's attorney, Susan Reach Winters, told People magazine that her client "gave up his job for the marriage," and does not have any income, assets or resources as a result.

"They had very traditional roles -- Victor supported Johnny in his career and here is Victor, getting the rug pulled out from him," Winters told the publication at the time.

Weir seemingly denied many of Voronov's claims in an Access Hollywood interview, shortly after announcing the split on Twitter.

"I was losing myself by being married to my husband," he said at the time. "I was very isolated from the world ... I was supporting two people, and whether it seems like a big deal or not, I come from a lower middle class family that has to work no matter what."

Voronov's full interview with Inside Edition airs April 28.

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