Johnny Weir's Husband Victor Weir-Voronov Was In The Closet Until One Month Before His Wedding

Johnny Weir's husband Victor Weir-Voronov revealed a surprising personal fact on an installment of "Bethenny" this week.

Weir-Voronov, who tied the knot with the U.S. figure skater on New Year's Eve in 2011, told host Bethenny Frankel that he had not come out of the closet to his family until one month before the wedding.

"I told my family a month before we got married, and my friends only found out in People magazine," Weir-Voronov, who claims he knew he was gay as a child, told Frankel. "I didn't come out of the closet, I chainstormed the door down ... I'm a masculine guy, people [didn't expect it]."

As it turned out, Weir-Voronov's coming-out coincided with his husband's MAC Cosmetics campaign, which he said came in handy when telling friends and family.

"So I took my best friend to the mall and there was a huge poster of Johnny in makeup and was like, 'I’m gay and I’m married to that,'" he said.

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