Yes, Victoria Beckham Has A '00s Hip-Hop Album And It's Amazing

The best thing to happen to music since Mozart sat down at the piano.

If you want to be a Victoria Beckham stan, you better get with her forgotten '00s hip-hop album. After spicing up your life with Scary, Ginger, Sporty and Baby throughout the '90s, Posh pulled a Beyoncé and struck out on her own. She released a self-titled album in 2001, and then went on to produce a second solo record, "Come Together," two years later. But apparently, she wasn't crazy in love with the outcome and the album never saw the light of day ... until now. 

Several tracks and demos from "Come Together" appeared online earlier this month, giving us all a peek into what happens when Posh goes hip-hop. Produced by Roc-A-Fella's Damon Dash, who famously once said, "If we can make Victoria hot, we can make anybody hot" (yikes), the songs sound like a bargain-bin Jennifer Lopez was held at gunpoint in the recording booth i.e., it's the best thing to happen to music since Mozart sat down at the piano. 

Take a listen to a sampling of Beckham's songs below and be transported back to a time when velour tracksuits reigned supreme and Britney Spears was not that innocent

"That Dude" 

"DAT Simple"

"So Cold"

"He's My Lover"

"Baby Boy"



Victoria Beckham In Flats