Victoria Beckham: I Skype With My London Team In My Bikini

Victoria Beckham lives quite the demanding life, what with a Hollywood-based home full of kids and a British-based business. How can the pop star-turned-designer be in two places at once? Skype, of course!

In the Autumn/Winter 2011 issue of ELLE Collections, Beckham explained:

"When I'm here in London, which is for about a week every month it's really, really full-on. Then, when I'm back in the US, I use Skype to talk with my team -- usually wearing either a dressing gown or a bikini."

Working while tanning -- that sounds about right for the Queen of Multi-Tasking. The designer recently said she wouldn't be taking time off after giving birth to baby Harper Seven, joking to Glamour UK, "Maternity leave -- what's that?"

The former-Posh Spice emphasized to ELLE that she's "just like another working mum out there" and not a spoiled housewife, like some might assume:

"Contrary to what people think, I'm not one of those women who likes to go for lunch with friends and then go spend a fortune on Chanel handbags. I'm sure that's great, but it's not me. I work and I have my kids: I just don't have the time. So [instead of shopping] I get a lot of clothes on Net-a-Porter and I wear my own stuff."

Incidentally, her customers are just as big fans of Net-a-Porter as she is. Earlier this year, Beckham's line of handbags sparked a buying frenzy after they hit Net-A-Porter, with one style selling out in 60 seconds and another gone within hours.

Those rabid Victoria Beckham fans may have something new to look forward to. Beckham mentioned to ELLE Collections that she will be launching something new this September at Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week in New York.

Considering Becks already does ready-to-wear, denim, eyewear and bags, the only thing logical thing we can think of is shoes. But we aren't starting any rumors.

Net-a-Porter shoppers, start your engines.

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