Victoria Beckham Laughing? David Beckham Posts Photographic Evidence (PHOTO)

Judging simply by photos, it would appear that Victoria Beckham only has one facial expression. Despite having an awesome life (successful clothing line, lovely children, hot hubby), the designer always appears to be in a foul mood. Beckham even told Interview magazine that when she sees photos of herself, "I look at them and think: 'Oh gosh, you moody cow.'"

But we finally have photographic evidence that Victoria Beckham does indeed smile -- in fact, she laughs! David Beckham posted a photo of his wife on Facebook with the caption:

See I told you she smiles

Sure enough, the photo (a selfie, perhaps?) shows Victoria having a laugh, teeth bared and everything. We never thought we'd live to see the day.


victoria beckham laughing

She wasn't always so moody:

Victoria Beckham's Style Evolution

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