Victoria Beckham Tries Out A Treadmill Desk, Forgets Her Sneakers

Something tells us this is against treadmill protocol.

The ever-impressive Victoria Beckham took the standing desk one step further when she tried out a treadmill desk Thursday morning, posting a photo of herself working and walking to her Twitter account.

We already know the 39-year-old bikes to work, so we're not really surprised to hear that she would want one of these. We have to admit though, something is off in the photo ... maybe it's the stiletto heels she's wearing for the walk? We're all about staying in shape -- and multitasking -- but this just looks dangerous.

May we suggest a pair of sneakers next time, Victoria? We promise you'll still look gorgeous in them.

Would you try out a treadmill desk? Check out the photo and sound off below:

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