Victoria Beckham Is Way More Normal Than You Think

Aside from being Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham has become famous for her successful career in fashion, her almost too cute family ... and her ever-present scowl.

But upon some further examination, it seems like Mrs. Beckham is actually way more normal (and dare we say funny?) than you might think. In honor of the designer's 40th birthday, here's proof that Victoria is just like us. Kind of.

She can't help but draw her name on the snowy windshields of cars.

She's sarcastic.

She likes big butts and she cannot lie.

She enjoys ugly, fuzzy socks just as much as the next person.

She carves pumpkins!

Like most people, she wants to know why decaf coffee exists.

When the going gets tough ... she puts a bag on her head.

More than once.

She gets nostalgic for the first date she had with her hubby, David Beckham.

She jokes about finding her bike in the never-ending trash piles in the city.

"So I won't be riding home tonight then!"

You can't fool us, Victoria. We know you're just a big, fashionable softee at heart. Happy birthday!

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