Victoria Espinel: 'There Are Enormous Changes That Are Coming' In Technology

Victoria Espinel, president and chief executive of the software industry trade group BSA, said "there are enormous changes that are coming" in technology across "all economic sectors."

"It's clear we're in a huge wave of innovation," Espinel said.

Espinel addressed fear of technology, saying it's often prompted by lack of understanding.

Espinel said there's concern about what will happen with jobs as technology continues to develop. While she said technology could affect some existing jobs, there are huge advantages that could be gained in the developing world.

Espinel also addressed government's approach to technology.

"I think for governments, anytime you're responding to a new situation... there are a lot of different concerns that you're trying to weigh," Espinel said.

"The software industry feels generally that governments have been overly slow to respond to some of these," she added.

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