Breathtaking 360-Degree Video Captures The Sheer Terror And Beauty Of Africa's Victoria Falls

The 350-foot waterfall is one of the biggest in the world.

Experience the enormity and beauty of Zambia and Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls from the comfort of your chair in this stunning 360-degree video.

The clip, shared on Facebook this week by National Geographic, invites viewers to nose-dive off the falls’ 350-foot cliffs. You can also take a dip in the iconic Devil’s Pool -- the dangerous and stunning “infinity pool” at the very edge of the waterfall.

360° Tour: The “Devil’s Pool” at Victoria Falls

Straddling the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, this legendary waterfall is among the biggest and most awe-inspiring on the planet. Take a 360° ride over the jaw-dropping cliffs at Victoria Falls.

Posted by National Geographic on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Devil’s Pool is located on Livingstone Island on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, one of the biggest waterfalls in the world.

In the drier months, daredevils leap into the body of water and swim right to its rocky rim where the raging waters of the Zambezi River crash over the cliffs.

“The current takes hold immediately, carrying me towards the edge,” travel writer Clive Andrews once penned of the experience. “But before I can be dragged to a watery grave, I’m stopped by a natural rock wall just beneath the surface. As well as saving my life it allows me to peer over the edge and down into a deafening explosion of rainbow-colored spray. A truly incredible sight.”