Victoria Jackson, Former SNL Star And Tea Party Activist, Asks 'What Is Homosexuality?'

Victoria Jackson is back at it.

The former "Saturday Night Live" cast member, Tea Party activist and right-wing pundit has sounded off on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community yet again on her talk show. This time, Jackson and her guests attempt to answer the question, "What is homosexuality?"

Alongside "sidekick" Sonja Schmidt, Jackson engages in a confusing discussion with Gary DeMar, author of "God & Government." DeMar claims that the word "gay" has become a synonym for homosexuality in an effort to "[cover] up what the real issue is."

He continues, "In many discussions today, people are trying to equate homosexuality with racial issues. Race, skin color is benign, there's no behavior attached to a person's race. They look a particular way because of skin pigmentation...but homosexuality is about some sort of sexual, not just sexual thoughts but sexual actions."

After Jackson presses the question, DeMar notes, "I can't tell anybody on this program [what homosexuality is] because I would have to describe what homosexuals do," before going on to describe same-sex relationships as "irrational, immoral, unnatural" and "something we shouldn't be engaged in."

In a characteristic move, Jackson then argues that LGBT people would more accurately be portrayed by Hollywood in the likeness of controversial rights advocate Dan Savage, rather than the popular characters on "Will and Grace" and other programs.

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