Victoria Jackson: 'If I Was Raped, I Would Have The Baby' (VIDEO)

Victoria Jackson has outdone herself this time. The former SNL star, who hadn't made headlines in years until she vocally embraced the Tea Party, recently weighed in on the Todd Akin "legitimate rape" controversy in a way that's sure to raise a few eyebrows (and blood pressures).

In the October 2 episode of The Victoria Jackson Show, the former comedian stated, "If I was raped, I would have the baby and think of it as God making a blessing out of something bad."

The statement was part of an intro to an interview with Rebecca Kiessling, a woman who says she was conceived as a result of her mother's rape and now advocates for Personhood Mississippi on their "Conceived In Rape" tour.

Jackson has drummed up controversy, and more interviews than ever, with her thoughts on homosexuality, Communism and Muslims, but hearing her speculate on how she would feel if she were raped might just be her most incendiary moment yet.

Watch the clip above and weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.



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