Victoria Jackson On Fox News: Obama Is A Communist, Rush Limbaugh Should Run The Country (VIDEO)

Victoria Jackson, former "Saturday Night Live" cast member and Al Franken hater, went on Sean Hannity's show on Monday night. She started by cheering "Fox News, yay! The only one with the truth! Yay!" And ended by saying Rush, Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity should run the country, but it was her words in between that really shocked her fellow panelist, Fox News contributor Bob Beckel.

"My motivation is gone, because [Obama] will punish me if I'm successful. That's how you start communism, is just take -- Cuba. Obama wants to be Castro."

At this point Beckel could only say, "What?" But luckily Sean Hannity came to her defense at that vicious attack saying, "He wants to redistribute the wealth." As the Huffington Post has previously reported, this is not the first time Jackson went on Fox News and called Obama a communist.

She went on to discuss how she became politically interested, saying:

"Well, I've never been involved in politics. 'Cuz it's just neh neh neh, neh neh neh. But all of a sudden it was, it was: Oh, Hillary Clinton is a socialist, she wants to socialize medicine. Well, I'll have to vote against her. And then all of a sudden a communist appears! Out of nowhere! And that's when I started to get involved. So I did research. Uh, black liberation theology, his church, is Marxist. And his professors are Marxist. Redistribute the wealth --"

At this, Beckel seems genuinely worried for her, trying to reassure her that Obama is not a Communist and that she'll be fine.



For the full interview, click here.

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