Victoria Jackson's 'PolitiChicks': Former 'SNL' Star Launches Anti-Gay, Anti-Muslim Web Show (VIDEO)

Former 'SNL' Star Launches Anti-Gay Web Show

Victoria Jackson has never been one to mince words, having stirred controversy for sounding off on both Occupy Wall Street and the portrayal of gay characters on "Glee" this year.

Now the former "Saturday Night Live" actress and outspoken Tea Party columnist is taking things up a notch, joining forces with pro-life activist Jannique Stewart, The Patriot Update's Ann-Marie Murrell and editor and activist Jennie Jones to launch "PolitiChicks," a new web-based weekly talk show in which the women discuss their ultra-conservative viewpoints in a format similar to "The View." The first episode is a critical take on both marriage equality and Muslims.

"Islam says kill gay people that's why I don't get why liberals are pro-Muslim, and pro-gay," Jackson asserts on the show, adding, "We're lucky that most Muslims are lukewarm or we'd all be dead."

As the show's site proclaims, "Conservatives have few outlets in the media. Other than Fox News and a few talk radio shows, Conservatives are greatly outnumbered. TV talk shows and news programs are inundated with liberal robots spewing their hatred toward all-things-Conservative; so the folks at Patriot Update have created an alternative.".

Watch the first installment below:

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