Victoria Jackson Sounds Off On Todd Akin's Rape And Abortion Comments

Former 'SNL' Star Makes Shocking Comments About Rape And Gay Friends

Reacting to the controversy surrounding Rep. Todd Akin's controversial comments regarding rape and abortion, former "Saturday Night Live" star and conservative activist Victoria Jackson said on Wednesday that if she were raped she would have the baby because it "would be a blessing," noting that the baby "has its own DNA" and is "not the father's DNA."

And responding to a HuffPost Gay Voices blog post from a former friend who said he ended their friendship because of her views on homosexuality, Jackson said she doesn't "think people should identify themselves by their sexual life."

"The Todd Akin thing was so blown out of proportion -- it's a joke," Jackson said at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., when interviewed for my SiriusXM OutQ radio program. "How many times do people get pregnant from rape? It's point zero zero one percent. It's a joke. I read lots of articles. I know people, because I'm 53. I've know a lot of people, and I've actually never known anyone who got pregnant from being raped."

"And guess what?" she continued. "If I got raped, I would have the baby. And if I didn't want to keep it because I had these [mocking tone] horrible nightmares, I would adopt it out. But I think that God can turn a bad thing into a good thing. And that, if I got raped and a beautiful baby who was innocent was born out of it, that would be a blessing. The DNA of a baby is individual. It's not the mother's DNA. It's not the father's DNA. And that's why I believe abortion is murder, because it's not the woman's body. It has it's own DNA. If there's a boy baby inside of me, he has a penis. That's not my body."

In response to Gay Voices blogger Dan Steadman's post, in which he wrote about ending his friendships with both Jackson and Kirk Cameron because of their views on homosexuality, Jackson discussed her gay friends.

"I didn't see [the post] but I love my gay friends," she said. "My best friends who are gay, I've actually never seen them with a boyfriend. It's like -- we've never talked about sex. I don't think people should identify themselves by their sexual life. My identity is in Christ. Some people's identity is in what country they come from. But I don't think people should make their identity about their sex life. That should be private. Why are they in the middle of the street in a parade? Why don't they just have sex in their bedroom alone?"

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