Victoria Osteen On Why It's OK To Pray For A Parking Spot

Does praying for a material goal "dumb down" the idea of prayer?

Victoria Osteen, the co-pastor of the Lakewood megachurch with her husband Joel Osteen, spoke to HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill about the spiritual benefits of fasting and addressed the kind of prayer that she does in her daily life.

"Even if I'm going to drop my kids off, or I need to park somewhere, I'm like, 'OK God, you know I'm in this parking lot, you know any place you can open up for me would be great!'" she said. "I just have this relationship- I'm not dumbing down prayer. What I'm doing- it's just part of my life."

The Osteens were on HuffPost Live to talk about their "Night of Hope" events, which are described as "inspirational nights of hope, worship and encouragement in eleven cities across America."

For more from the Osteens on fasting and prayer, check out the video above.



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