Victoria Soliz Allegedly Tries To Drown Son In Puddle Because Jesus Told Her To

Mom Allegedly Tries To Drown Son In Puddle Because Jesus Told Her To

An Arizona mother has been arrested after she allegedly tried to drown her 3-year-old son in a puddle, claiming Jesus Christ advised her to do it.

A neighbor of Victoria Soliz, 30, told police that he heard screams around 12:30 p.m. Friday, ABC 15 reported. The man said he rushed outside and saw Soliz in his front yard, pushing her son's face into a puddle. When she allegedly wouldn't stop, he called police.

The neighbor also said while he was calling police, Soliz moved the boy to a larger puddle and kept going, then pulled him out and appeared as if she was attempting to give him CPR.

Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the scene, and both Soliz and her son were taken to a hospital.

Soliz told doctors that she had been using crystal meth to "self-medicate" for schizophrenia, according to court documents obtained by the Phoenix New Times.

She allegedly added, however, that "Jesus" had told her to drown her son. Police also say she claimed that her son had "become stuck to the ground."

The boy sustained no injuries.

Soliz has been charged with felony child-abuse.

Jesus and co. don't give great advice, if you go by the words of accused criminals. In February, a Pennsylvania man was arrested for allegedly stabbing his grandmother to death, and police say he claimed the Archangel Michael had told him to do it.

In November, a woman in Pennsylvania allegedly stabbed her husband to death and said that "Jesus and Mary told me to kill him because he is Satan's spawn!"

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