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This Is The Most Clothing You'll Ever See In A Victoria's Secret Ad

Over the years, we've seen the Victoria's Secret Angels do it all. From Taylor Swift karaoke to wearing bras worth more than many homes, the lingerie company has pulled out all the stops. They showcase their products and promote the gorgeous women who do the showcasing. Now, however, the brand is trying something completely unheard of: showing the models with all of their clothes on.

Yes, you read right. The brand that has become famous for encouraging customers to take their clothes off is going with an entirely new angle for its 2015 Super Bowl promo.

The ad stars some of Victoria's Secret's heaviest hitters (Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel to name a few) and marks the first time since 2008 that the company will appear during the Super Bowl. Instead of strutting down a runway or rolling around on the beach, this spot finds the ladies in a rousing game of, you guessed it, football.

The strategically placed promo, of course, comes just in time for Valentine's Day, and ends with the oh-so-appropriate-for-the-Super-Bowl message, "Don't drop the ball." As in, if you want to please your woman on Feb. 14, a trip to Victoria's Secret is imminent.

We must commend the company for this change of pace, and its ability to keep things exciting sans bare skin. Check out the ad for yourself above.

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