Victoria's Secret Angel Diet Revealed: Egg Powder, No Solids & Gallons Of Water!

Victoria's Secret Angels' Pre-Show Diet Is Insane

Want to feel bad about your own workout and diet regimen? Just talk to a Victoria's Secret Angel.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the Super Bowl of modeling, with the best runway walkers suiting up (or, more precisely, stripping down) and grabbing their angel wings for a televised turn down the glittery runway.

To prepare to wear tiny lingerie on such a major stage, the models must look their best -- and veteran Angel Adriana Lima revealed to the Telegraph just how they do it.

First, she starts working out: "Lima, 30, has been working out every day with a personal trainer since August. For the last three weeks, she's been working out twice a day."

Then comes the insane diet. Hint: there are very few solids involved:

She sees a nutritionist, who has measured her body's muscle mass, fat ratio and levels of water retention. He prescribes protein shakes, vitamins and supplements to keep Lima's energy levels up during this training period. Lima drinks a gallon of water a day. For nine days before the show she will drink only protein shakes - "no solids". The concoctions include powdered egg.

Two days before the show she will abstain from the gallon of water a day, and "just drink normally". Then, 12 hours before the show she will stop drinking entirely.

So no solids and no liquids... it's a wonder Lima and her winged gal pals don't just pass out right on the runway!

Then again, it might be best that the Victoria's Secret models are a bit light-headed -- that way, they're less likely to notice how ridiculous their outfits are.

Read more about Lima's pre-show prep at and check out other exercise-inclined models below.

Christy Turlington, November 2010

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