Victoria's Secret Model's Privates Bruised By Panties

Selita Ebanks Bruised By Diamond Panties

You would think that wearing Victoria's Secret's jewel-covered fantasy bra and panties would be the most glamorous moment of a model's life. However, for Selita Ebanks, who slipped into underwear covered with $4.5 million worth of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and yellow sapphires, nothing could be further from the truth.

“I wasn’t scared [about the value], it hurt. Yeah, diamonds hurt,” Ebanks tells me. “I don’t know about wearing diamonds on your crotch. It’s like you’re walking and scraping. This is not cohesive to get a man. No man wants a scratchy vagina.”

Victoria's Secret has become the largest American lingerie retailer, topping one billion dollars and mailing more than 400 million catalogs full of images of half-naked young ladies per year. And although most people look at the stunning images and think about how sexy and beautiful the Victoria's Secret ladies look, Ebanks does have a point.

“That’s not sexy. Nobody wants bruises on their vagina,” Ebanks tells me and I have to agree!

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