Victoria's Secret Destroys Returned, Unworn Merchandise

Victoria's Secret Destroys Returned, Unworn Merchandise

Victoria's Secret is once again the talk of the style town -- no, it's not because of their exceptional Photoshop skills or any super-skinny model accusations.

The lingerie brand cut up a pair of sweatpants right in front of a customer after she returned them to a Florida store.

The Tampa Tribune reports that shopper Marie Wolf brought back a pair of Pink sweatpants, the clerk refunded her and promptly took a pair of scissors to the item:

"I was shocked, because, mind you, these were $70 sweatpants, and there's nothing wrong with them," Wolf said. "The clerk just said, 'I know, but it's our policy.' "

Outraged, Wolf confronted a store manager, then called the parent company and found, indeed, Victoria's Secret does cut up some returned items so they can't be resold -- even if they're in fine condition.

Apparently, the clerk's only mistake, Wolf said, was to cut up the clothes in front of customers, and not in a back room out of sight.

Whoopsies! We've heard of stores destroying unsold merchandise -- H&M and Walmart to name a fine few -- but we're unclear on why VS would shred a pair of pants. It's not like there's serious health issues involved, as there would be with bras or underwear.

Actually, funny we should mention that, since just last year Victoria's Secret was caught reselling returned, and stained undies. Watch that report here. Perhaps the chain's new, drastic take-backs technique stemmed from that scandal. Regardless, remind us to break out the hazmat suits the next time we ever step foot in one of their stores.

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