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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011 Viewing Party! (PHOTOS)

After all that preparation, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show came and went without a hitch on November 9. So by the time the televised screening of the event happened last night, what were the Angels to do?

Put on some real clothes and watch it, of course.

Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Lily Aldridge attended a screening for their big fashion show last night, which aired in a prime time slot on CBS. The trio danced, cheered and watched on from a small couch at an intimate viewing party in Costa Mesa, California.

The three Angels were just a few of the millions who watched the televised show (In 2010, 9 million viewers spanning 90 countries tuned in).

It's a good thing so many watched, because the lingerie company and CBS shelled out a pretty penny to get the show off the ground. In an in-depth feature, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that the spectacle cost $12 million to put on, not to mention dozens of staffers, 36 models, three bomb-sniffing dogs and hundreds of diamonds (for that insane Fantasy Bra that no one will ever buy -- THR writes that eventually, it just gets dismantled).

But all the time and money must be worth it: according to the Hollywood Reporter, last year Victoria's Secret raked in $5.5 billion, giving Kerr, Ambrosio and Aldridge plenty of reason to cheer.

See pics from the viewing party below and see full details and tons of photos from the actual show here.

Miranda Kerr

VS Fashion Show '11 Viewing Party

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