Allana Maiden Starts Petition For Victoria's Secret To Start Line For Women Who Have Undergone Mastectomy

For people who have undergone a breast removal surgery because of cancer, post-op bra options are few and far between. But what if there was another option for them -- from one of the most popular names in lingerie?

Allana Maiden, a Virginia woman whose mom is a breast cancer survivor, has started a petition on for Victoria's Secret to make a line for women who've had to have their breasts removed because of cancer. And apparently, a lot of people think Maiden is on to something -- the petition already has more than 16,000 signatures. (The emails and signatures on the petition are sent to Victoria's Secret executives.)

"Victoria's Secret is supposed to make women feel beautiful, yet the women that deserve that feeling the most get left out," Maiden said in a statement. "Every woman knows someone that has been impacted by breast cancer, and women are passionate about this cause. What better way to give back to women than to help cancer survivors feel good about themselves?"

Maiden proposes that the lingerie company put out a "Survivor Bras" line. She noted that the company already is known to support breast cancer efforts through its past participation in awareness campaigns.

Mastectomy is done either as a preventive measure, for women who are known to be at high risk for breast cancer, or as a treatment option for women who have been diagnosed with the disease. There are different kinds of mastectomy; some surgeries involve total removal of the breast, while other surgeries remove only parts of the breast.

What do you think about the a "Survivor Bras" line? Will you sign the petition? Tell us what you think in the comments!