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Victoria's Secret Miraculous Bra: Does It Really Add Two Cup Sizes? (VIDEO)

Step aside, Robin Roberts -- we have a new girl crush on "Good Morning America" contributor Becky Worley who confessed that when she sits at home, watching Victoria's Secret commercials, she thinks, "Really? Really?" OMGee, us too!

Worley decided to give the brand's new Miraculous (push-up) Bra a whirl. The adverts claim that the piece of lingerie will bump you up two cup sizes. And indeed it did: Becky went from a 36A to 36C in no time flat. She even joked while exiting the fitting room, "They came out before me," meaning her "girls."

Becky, can we please hang out later?

What do you think?


The original commercial, so you can say "Really? Really?" too:

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