Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fail Makes Model's Robe Razor-Sharp (PHOTO)

We've been wondering: if Victoria's Secret has a clear idea of what it wants its models to look like, why doesn't it just draw them, cartoon-style? That way they wouldn't even need any Photoshop.

Alas, the bikini-and-bra retailer continues to cast its favorite gals (Erin, Doutzen, Candice, Behati) then carve them out to their hearts' content. Sometimes it's a body part, like smoothing out an inner thigh or making ribs disappear. Today we were tipped off about a slicker-than-usual product shot on featuring Doutzen Kroes in a very sharp robe.

Check out the photo for the brand's new Printed Chiffon Robe. Doutzen's face looks lovely, as does her hair. Yet scan your eyes downward and see how the supposedly floaty, dreamy robe cuts across Doutzen's tummy. It reminds us of the pictures we used to make on Windows Paint.

Doutzen Kroes, a Victoria's Secret Angel and mother to an adorable toddler, doesn't need the airbrushing -- recently leaked photos from an unedited Victoria's Secret shoot prove that. But it looks like someone from the art department decided to have a go anyway. What do you think?


victorias secret photoshop fail

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