Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fail Carves Out Model's Inner Thighs (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Victoria's Secret Carves Out Model's Thighs

How've you been feeling about your thighs lately? Great, we hope?

Well, you can take comfort in knowing that at least you have thighs. For its latest blooper, Victoria's Secret has seemingly carved out a model's upper legs with some excellent Photoshop skills. The result? Thin little cylinders posing as thighs, perfect for viewing the ocean through!

Spotted by Photoshop Disasters, the main photo appears with smaller thumbnails of the model in black bikini bottoms. The shots were posted on Victoria's Secret's Facebook page to promote its Swim Style Finder. But online readers were plenty distracted by the model's pipe cleaners-as-thighs, posting over 2,000 comments.

It wouldn't be Victoria's Secret's first time at the airbrushing rodeo (remember when they made Candice Swaenpoel the Incredible Hulk?) But this is less freakish than it is dismaying -- how many women shopping at Victoria's Secret truly possess legs like that? What would be so bad about showing us some real thighs, Victoria?

Check out the photos below. Are you sensing some Photoshop gone awry?


victorias secret photoshop fail

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