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Victoria's Secret 'What Is Sexy' 2013 List Includes Beyonce, Rihanna, Blake Lively (VIDEO)

When it comes to defining sexy, the Victoria's Secret Angels know their stuff. The gorgeous gang revealed the brand's list of "What Is Sexy" in 2013, covering favored features like legs, smiles, hair and more.

Not to be outdone by the winners, Karlie Kloss and her co-workers stripped down to bras and crop tops for the big unveiling. Watch them confess the obvious (sexiest singer: Beyonce, "of course;" sexiest sense of humor: Jennifer Lawrence), the unexpected (sexiest import: Emilia Clarke) and many more in the video below, and read the full "What Is Sexy" list beneath and at Victoria's Secret's website.


Sexiest actress: Jessica Chastain
Sexiest international import: Emilia Clarke
Sexiest hair: Amanda Seyfried
Sexiest songstress: "Beyoncé, of course"
Sexiest bikini body: Rihanna
Sexiest style: Nina Dobrev
Sexiest smile: Zoe Saldana
Sexiest sporty style: Ashley Greene
Sexiest sense of humor: Jennifer Lawrence
Sexiest legs: Blake Lively
Sexiest lips: Kerry Washington
Sexiest mom: Giuliana Rancic
Sexiest eyes: Zooey Deschanel

Victoria's Secret sexy, then and now:

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Then & Now

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