The Victoria's Secret 'What Is Sexy' List Is Out, And It's Pretty Ridiculous

Here we go again.
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Victoria's Secret has released its annual "What is Sexy" list for 2016.

The list is an arbitrary roundup of the "sexiest" lips, legs, hair and eyeballs among women in the fashion and entertainment industries.

"As the authority on what is sexy now," the lingerie company chose women who "embody an aspirational lifestyle" for the list, according to a Victoria's Secret press release.

The beautiful women on the list have truly accomplished some incredible things this year, and we totally support using the term "sexy" to describe a look, when it's appropriate.

But telling us what a "sexy" pair of lips looks like? Or worse, "sexy hair," can only serve to make women without that lipstick or without a full head of long hair feel less adequate and less worthy of being called sexy in their own right.

To prove the point, here are the winners from VS's "What Is Sexy" list. And below them, a few picks of our own.

The Victoria's Secret "What Is Sexy" List:

Victoria's Secret/PR Newswire

Our Pick For Sexiest Dish Rag: This Wrinkly Pink One

Be more pink and wrinkly, other dish rags! Then you will be truly sexy!

s-cphoto via Getty Images

Our Pick For Sexiest Lightbulb: This Curvy One

Lightbulbs aren't sexy without a slight bulge.

Vladimir Serov via Getty Images

Our Pick For Sexiest Fitted Sheet: This Scrunchy One

Why don't YOU look like this, other fitted sheets?!

Emelie Ollila via Getty Images
Sheryl Roberts, 48 -- "I know I am perfectly imperfect, flaws and all."

Sexy After 50

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