Victory - BBC Is Opening Show on U.S. Health Care Worldwide

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Thank you if you contacted BBC about allowing the U.S. Health Care show produced by Panorama to be downloadable in the United States. It worked. Just received this message from BBC Panorama:

Dear John,

Thank you for your email. Due to high demand, we have now made the programme available to view around the world. Please use the link below to watch "Panorama: What now, Mr President?" in full:

Best wishes,


BBC Panorama

Lila Allen was responding to my email asking how the show could be accessed in the United States (it was blocked outside of the UK). See BBC Show on U.S. Health Care Unavailable in USA | 30 Comments | Posted January 25, 2009.

A comment by RightsGuy on the earlier post is worth repeating here:

**Please urge President Obama to watch the documentary and send him the video links above. You can leave your comments here:

**Please send the link to HHS Secretary Tom Daschle and urge him to watch the documentary:

**Send the link and urge your Senators and Representatives to watch the documentary. You'll find easy contact information here:

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