Victory Roll Hairstyle How-To: Channel The '40s With This Easy, Elegant Updo (VIDEO)

We spend a good deal of time studying and recreating the many hair looks we see from fashion week (like woven braids and messy bird's nest hair), but we also love to reflect on styles from the days of yore. Right now a 1940s-inspired victory roll feels like a perfect elegant option for a fall evening, and while it looks somewhat complicated, it couldn't be easier.

As we see in the video above, the style works on all hair types, though it's especially great for wavy and curly hair, as it adds a bit of body and movement to the ends. Begin by parting hair down the middle and pull two sections from each side toward the front. Take a fine-tooth comb and tease one section straight up, starting from the hairline around the ears. Pulling tautly, begin to roll the section over, wrapping loosely around a finger to make the shape. Tuck a few pins in to hold. Create the same roll with the other side. Finish with a blast of hairspray for a smooth, polished effect.

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