(VIDEO) Advertisers Can Pool Their Data In Nascent Experian/Neustar Offering

LAS VEGAS -The term "paid plus co-op sort of mentality" could well describe a mountain commune, but it's an understated way of explaining the huge data nexus that Experian Marketing Services and Neustar hope to become under their new partnership. Among other things, advertisers will be able to pool their data for mutual benefit.

In a nutshell, the partnership lets advertisers bring to the table any customer data they have and Experian and Neustar will help find those people online.

"We're taking onboarding to the next level," Brienna Pinnow, Experian's Director of Product Marketing, says in an interview with Beet.TV. "This is the first time where two huge data leaders are actually coming together."

A basic example is that of brands being able to target, say, their best customers or loyalty shoppers, to cross sell or up sell them across the digital space. Right now there is a cost factor.

"In a traditional onboarding world, a lot of that onboarding linkage that allows advertisers to identify and target their best audience relies on what we'll call paid linkage," Pinnow explains. Given Neustar's relationships with publishers, data monetization websites and others, joining forces with Experian tacks on "this additional layer of linkage," Pinnow says.

Using the term "digital data exchange," Pinnow says some of the biggest brands will now be able to come together and pool their data.

"Now you can reach even more people because we have such a large linkage pool for advertisers to leverage, though this paid plus co-op sort of mentality," Pinnow says.

We interviewed Pinnow in Las Vegas at the beginning of an Experian company conference.

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