Video Asks If Trump’s Brinkmanship on War Is to Distract from Russian Connection, Playing Golf, and Declining Ratings

Now that the potential for war with North Korea has been heating up, along with a continuing investigation into Trump’s lies, unethical behavior, golf trips, failed health care bill, and other issues, a video called “Dear Donald Trump, Are We Going to War?” raises these concerns.

The video started off as a poem by A. Concerned Citizen, and has been turned into a book with about 200 pictures that is available on Amazon. The proceeds are going to the resistance.

Among other things, the poem asks if Trump is going to war because his “ratings are on the skids,” and wonders if the war is due to Trump’s deep ties to Russia. It talks about the millions Trump is spending on his own travel and golfing, while taking money from the poor and disabled. It describes how he is acting like a king, while many people are scared to stand up to him. It ends by asking people to act quickly to say enough and enough “or this country won’t last.”

Here’s a link to the video: The book on Amazon is at, and it is also on Kindle and soon will be an audiobook on Audible. Here’s a copy of the text of the video and book:


Dear Donald Trump, are we going to war?

Are you really doing it for the dying kids?

Or are the bombs and flames all for show?

‘Cause your ratings are on the skids?

You have such deep ties with Russia,

And you won’t let the refugees in.

So who is the war really for?

To protect us? Or to save your thin skin?

Then, there’s the matter of money.

You’re profiting so much from this war.

You hob nob with the world’s dictators.

And as the bombs drop, your earnings soar.

Plus now you spend millions on travel,

And your trips to your own golf courses.

But you take funds from the poor and disabled,

By claiming those cuts will stop losses.

Yet you live like a king, and your kids do, too.

You’re playing the U.S. like a fool.

With the Dems out of power and Republicans cowed,

Many people are scared to stand up to you.

So what should we do?

Can we say we’re through?

How can we say enough is enough?

Well, we’ve got to act fast,

Or this country won’t last.

So Trump, it’s goodbye. We’ve got to finally stand tough!

So bring on the chains and cuffs.

Created by:

A. Concerned Citizen

Written by:

A. Pissed Off Voter

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