Here's How To Find Out If You're A Supertaster

Supertaster = superpowers.

Have you ever eaten with friends and reacted weirdly to something you ate? Maybe a dish tasted totally wrong, but you were the only one to notice? Never fear -- it doesn't mean you're odd. It might just mean that you're a supertaster.

According to the SciShow clip above, supertasters are a group of people with extremely sensitive tasting powers. "Supertasters [have] a higher sensitivity to the five flavors we know as salty, sour, sweet, bitter and umami," says host Michael Aranda. "It's a genetically inherited trait and dominant, meaning that only one parent has to have the supertasting allele, or version of the gene, for the child to feel its effects."

Though he points out that it's difficult to measure taste sensitivity, it isn't difficult to prove that supertasters exist. "They can taste things others can't, especially bitter substances" said Aranda. "They also have twice the number of taste buds as average tasters." Estimates suggest supertasters make up about 25 percent of the population, with the majority of them women.

To figure out if you're a supertaster, try ordering a kit at Super Taster here. Or just try the food coloring test suggested in the video above.

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