(VIDEO) AT&T, MediaWorks Cites Cross-Screen Addressable Trials, Plans Product Rollout

In its first-ever trials of cross-screen addressable advertising for television and mobile devices, AT&T AdWorks saw "tremendous" results tied to various key performance indicators for Walmart, a luxury automaker--and itself.

"We ate our own dog food," VP of Marketing Maria Mandel Dunsche says in an interview with Beet.TV.

That's a reference to the company's experiment with Opera Mediaworks in which ads were delivered to a subset of DIRECTV customers who did not have an AT&T mobility service registered at the same address. The results: a 19% lift in sales plus an additional lift in sales to nearly 27% when a consumer received the same addressable ad on both their TV and mobile devices.

"That's above and beyond the baseline advertising," Dunsche explains. "So that's the incremental lift of the addressable advertising."

The trial with Walmart targeted a custom audience and control groups to gauge brand and message favorability and found "significant lift compared to what Walmart has seen and industry norms," according to Dunsche.

For the unidentified luxury automaker, the addressable campaign targeted households anonymously identified as in the market for a luxury car. It resulted in an 87% lift in sales for the luxury model among households that saw the addressable ad on both TV and mobile.

Summing up the trials, Dunsche cites "tremendous results" and says AT&T MediaWorks will roll out a cross-screen addressable product in the third quarter of 2016. Her comments came as the company just completed its 96th presentation during the annual TV Upfronts negotiating season.

Looking ahead to Cannes 2016, Dunsche expects lots of discussion about how the industry can "push the limits" of creativity, whether it's branded content, targeted advertising, 3D or virtual reality.

"Our best practices have shown that if you can really tailor the creative to that audience you're going to reach, you're going to get much better results," she says.

We interviewed her as part of our preview series "The Road to Cannes" presented by FreeWheel. Please visit this page for additional segments.

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