This Video Of Birds Rapidly Swarming The Sky Cannot Be Unseen

Anyone who's seen "The Birds" knows there's something unsettling about small creatures in large numbers. Anyone who was truly disturbed by the Hitchcock classic might not want to watch the video below. In it, growing waves of birds crisscross the sky to the eerie hum of a distorted version of the Donna Summer anthem, "I Feel Love."

Take a deep breath, ornithophobes. Only the first wave of birds in the film is authentic. To capture it, videographer Paul Parker filmed an hour of footage outside his window in Cornwall, England. He then "cloned" the real birds to create the effect of a rapid bird takeover, taking advantage of the sky's natural green screen properties. (Any solid color background can work as a green screen, so long as that color can't be found in the foreground of the footage.)

Unfortunately, Parker did a bang-up job and now you must excuse us while we curl into a fetal position and dream of cats pouncing on sparrows, partridge hunts, and the like.



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