VIDEO: Black Man Pulled Over By White Cop for 'Making Direct Eye Contact'

An Ohio-based viewer of The David Pakman Show contacted me recently making me aware of a video uploaded to Facebook by a man named John Felton. Both John and our viewer live in the Dayton, Ohio area. The video, uploaded by Mr. Felton, a black man, shows him being pulled over by a white police officer.

Initially, the reason given for the traffic stop by the officer is that Mr. Felton failed to signal within 100 feet of turning. Note that this is different than failure to signal -- it was never in question that Mr. Felton did use his turn signal, but in the officer's opinion, he didn't switch the turn signal on more than 100 feet from the location of the turn.

After going back to his police cruiser and eventually returning to Mr. Felton's car, the officer in question is asked again about why he really pulled over Mr. Felton. In a moment of surprising candor, the officer admits to Mr. Felton that the reason he pulled him over was that Mr. Felton "made direct eye contact" with him.

I encourage you to take a look at Mr. Felton's video below. Pulling someone over for "making direct eye contact" is absurd at face value, but a bit of additional exposes how utterly ridiculous this is as probably cause. As suspicious as "making direct eye contact" may be to a police officer, doing the exact opposite -- that is, avoiding eye contact with a police officer -- could be considered equally suspicious by an officer. In other words, both making eye contact and not making eye contact with police could, conceivably, be grounds for a traffic stop, if you agree with the general principle suggested herein.

This video has NOT been reporting on by other media as of today, as Mr. Felton has provided the video directly to The David Pakman Show. Take a look: