Video Book Readings: Emerging Stars In Fiction And Poetry (VIDEO)

Wow! We are excited. Not only are these amazing readings by some of today's strongest emerging talents in literary fiction and poetry--just check out the readings by Harmony Holiday, Dan DeWeese, and Garrick Davis, to take your breath away!--they represent some of the finest work being produced by the nation's best presses committed to discovering new talent: presses like Four Way Books, Fence Books, Wave Books, Noemi Press, and many others on the leading edge of innovative writing. These videos were all recorded exclusively at the request of the Huffington Post, and the writers also generously shared personal statements to introduce their work--words that can't fail to inspire emerging writers hoping to make their own breakthrough. To paraphrase Rebecca Wolff of Fence Books, don't let the awesome coolness of these readings interfere with appreciation of the fine literary quality!

Emerging Fiction Writer and Poets Read Exclusively for Huffington Post from Their New Books