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VIDEO: Chefs' Favorite Restaurants

We caught up with our favorite chefs (old and new) to find out what placesare finding particularly inspiring lately.
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This week, Food & Wine announced their annual Best New Chefs list with young talents across the U.S. At a party to celebrate, we caught up with our favorite chefs (old and new) to find out what places they are finding particularly inspiring lately.

Anne Burrell had love for her fellow Food Network star, Bobby Flay, saying she has been to his new restaurant in New York, Gato, multiple times. Scott Conant also kept it in the family with a shout-out to one of his former chef's new restaurant in Miami, Macalena. Top Chef's Tom Colicchio thought of a spot further-afield and mentioned Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico.

But even the newly anointed Best New Chefs had some favorites. Justin Yu of Oxheart in Houston has love for both coasts, mentioning Bar Tartine in San Francisco and Elements in New Jersey. And Top Chef winner (and now Best New Chef) Paul Qui also had great things to say about San Francisco, mentioning Saison as his pick.

For all the advice watch the video above!

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