Crowd Catches Children Falling 33 Feet From Burning Apartment

The young brothers survived the drama caught on camera in Grenoble, France, but two rescuers suffered broken bones.

Two young brothers miraculously survived after they plunged some 33 feet from a burning apartment building and were caught by people gathered below.

Dramatic footage, above, shows the younger boy, 3, being dropped out the window of an apartment building in Grenoble, southeast France, on Tuesday. His older brother, 10, then leaps.

Both boys were caught by people in the assembled crowd below.

The children were treated for possible smoke inhalation, reported The Associated Press, but were otherwise unharmed. Two people on the ground broke bones in the astonishing rescue.

The cause of the blaze remains unclear.

Éric Piolle, the mayor of Grenoble, said the rescue highlighted the city’s “tradition of solidarity and mutual help.”

CORRECTION: This article previously mislocated Grenoble in Southwest France, rather than the southeast.

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