Video Diary Of A Man Who Says He Spent $100,000 On Drugs In A Year

Laura and Jon have been divorced for 24 years, but Laura let her ex-husband move back in 11 months ago. "I was trying to help him get clean from drugs," explains Laura, who previously allowed John to move back in with his girlfriend -- while she took to the couch.

Laura is aware that John steals and pawns her belongings -- including her TV and bicycle -- to support his drug habit. "I put up with it because I feel sorry for him," she says. "I don't know why I haven't kicked John out for good."

Watch the video above as John steals Laura's laptop, gets $80 for it from a pawn shop, and then uses the money to pick up Xanax and cocaine. "I use the crack to get me high, and the Xanax mellows me out," he says in the video from Wednesday's episode of Dr. Phil. "Basically I sleep, I get high. I sleep, I get high ... It's sad but true."

Holding drugs and a pipe he says, "This is what my life consists of. I'm addicted ... I went through $100,000 in a year for drugs. I don't have a penny to my name at this point. I want to stop but I can't. I just can't beat it."

Can Dr. Phil help turn John's life around, and help his ex and their grown daughter too? Watch Wednesday's show -- check local listings.

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