CNN Video: Did Rudy Giuliani Influence James Comey?

Don Lemon aired a Fox News segment last night which shows Rudy Guiliani bragging about having a couple of things up their sleeve that will turn this election around and even the liberal pollsters will get to see it. This segment was recorded on October 26, so a full two days before FBI Director Comey's letter rocked the election.

Don Lemon then points out that he had a former U.S. attorney on his show who believes that FBI Director Comey was influenced by Rudy Giuliani, who is his former boss, to release the letter to Congress. He goes on to ask Michael Moore if Comey was covering his "you-know-what."

Michael Moore appears genuinely shocked: "I have to tell you I have not seen this Giuliani piece before. I don't know if anybody has run it. Has anybody run it on CNN?" Don Lemon responds that he only knows about this show and he has not seen it on the network. Michael Moore then says: "You just introduced something to the American people that needs to be investigated. Somebody has to answer for what we just saw."